Marco G2 Ultra Slit Lamp

  • Accessories Microscope Type Galilean converging-binocular microscope
  • Magnification G2: Three position rotating drum
  • Eyepieces 16x
  • Total Magnifications 10x 16x 25x
  • Real Fields of View 35mm* 23mm 14mm 8.7mm diameters
  • Interpupillary Adjustment 47mm – 85mm
  • Slit Lamp Slit Projection 1x
  • Slit Width 0 – 14mm, continuously variable
  • Slit Length 1 – 14mm, continuously variable
  • Aperture Diaphragms 14mm, 8mm, 5mm, 3mm, 0.3mm
  • Built in Filters Heat absorbing, red-free, & cobalt blue
  • Single joystick controls both elevation and horizontal positioning for enhanced ease of use.
  • Rheostat conveniently located next to joystick.
  • Cross-Slide Base
  • Longitudinal Movement 90mm / Lateral Movement 110mm / Vertical Movement ±15mm / Horizontal Fine Movement ±7.5mm

Standard Accessories Spot fixation light, 16x eyepieces, table top, lowprofile mounting bracket, chinrest tissues, spare illumination bulb, fuses, & maintenance kit.

Optional Accessories Hruby lens kit, tonometer mount, patient handrests, beamsplitter, assistantscope, video adapter, and heavy joystick spring