S4Optik 2000-ST Instrument Stand

Function Sophistication

Model2000 Stand with counterbalanced SlitLamp Arm with chair control, counterbalanced single lock Refractor Arm,and low voltageHalogen Overhead Lamp.
Console included with 3 recharging wells,up/down chair control,

The 2000-ST brings Function Sophistication to the exam room; with clean esthetics, exceedingly simple instrument positioning and strong, advanced functionality, and durable construction.


  • Advanced Instrument Console
  • Precision Counterbalanced Refractor And Slit Lamp Arm
  • Halogen Overhead Lamp
  • Optional Counterbalanced Third Arm


The 2000 COMBO Chair and Stand Unit provides a unique solution to the space vs functionality challenge, all at an affordable price. A small 44.8” (113.7cm) footprint provides total functionality in instrument delivery and patient comfort by combining features of the S4OPTIK’s Examination Chairs and the spectacular engineering of S4OPTIK’s instrument arms.