S4 Optik 1800-CH Examination Chair

Durable, comfortable, flexible.

“backrestrecline” Examination Chair with footpedal, ComboStand with counterbalanced SlitLamp Arm with chair control, counterbalanced single lock RefractorArm, and low voltage Halogen Overhead Lamp.Console included with 3 recharging wells, up/down/autoreturn control, BIO power source and light controls.


Durable, comfortable, flexible. Maintain a high standard of patient care with the S4OPTIK 1800-CH Examination Chair.


Flexibility and comfort


  • Ensure optimal comfort with thevariable recline backrest
  • Recline or incline at any position down to 170°
  • Positive-assist release and locking system
  • Enjoy smooth, virtually silent lifting with the Swiss-made KleenTech® lift system
  • Holds up to 500lbs (227kg)
  • Seat raises to 32.05” (81.4cm) and lowers to 20.25” (51.4cm)
  • Upholstered headrest with adjustable height for optimal patient comfort